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 Your house isn’t just a place to rest your head at night. It’s where you raise your children, celebrate holidays and family milestones, and much more. There are few better feelings than returning home on Friday night after a long week and the weekend ahead of you, full of lazy promise.


Unless of course you notice your yard looks like a jungle! Suddenly, you may be looking at a weekend of labor: weeding, mulching, scrubbing, mowing, and more. The best way to tackle these big projects and save your weekend is to get professional help from a property care company.

Where do you start?

Below we have provided a guide to help you understand what type of property care professional you might need.

Landscape Architects and Designers plan and design your landscape. We discuss your vision for your space and help you to choose appropriate plants and materials for your budget. We look beyond the current season to plan a yard that will impress all year.

Landscape Contractors install your landscape features, including the soft-scapes, like soil and vegetation, and hard-scapes, like fences, water elements, stones, and walkways.


Landscape Managers maintain your landscape. Landscaping isn’t a seasonal project that can be neglected. If you don’t want to take on regular maintenance yourself, you may want to hire a landscape manager or property care company.


Horticulturists are plant experts. If your plants aren’t flourishing, your leaves are being eaten by pests, or you live in a particularly difficult climate for vegetation, you may want to work with a horticulturist. They can also coordinate with landscape architects or designers to plan your gardens.

Arborists plant, prune, remove, and take care of trees. They know about fertilization and nutritional needs, as well as cabling, bracing, and support for newly planted trees.


Regardless of your landscaping needs, you’ll need to sort out two factors before talking to potential contractors. First, set a budget range. You’ll want to have some flexibility when it comes to materials, and certain aspects may cost more or less than you think. You don’t want to hire a property care company to plan your perfect yard only to discover that it costs more than you’re willing to spend. If you know the budget upfront, you can set realistic expectations.

Next, consider your timeline. Unfortunately, gardens don’t grow overnight and speaking with your property care company about expected time frames will help avoid any confusion.


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